Monday, June 28, 2010

"Tonight You Belong To Me"

OK, going WAY back: This '26 Rose/David composition was first recorded by Irv Kaufman in '26 and revived by Frankie Laine in '52. Patience and Prudence's '56 version peaked at #4. They lip-synced it on Ed Sullivan only to have the record get stuck on "belong" - oh those Milli Vanilli moments! Steve Martin learned to play the uke specifically to record it with Bernardette Peters for "The Jerk".

Yesterday's answer: Bakithi (Baghiti) Khumalo. Comment from dedicatee, Dr. Dan Rogers: "Ooh! Ooh! I know that one. I do. 'Cause I was just talking about him with a true rock wizard. Plus I looked it up on the album cover. It was Bakithi Kumalo. Every once in a while I used to see his name listed as bass player on other albums. I remember Cindi Lauper was one. Don't know the rest. But "Graceland" is one of my all time ... ".! The bass work is astounding! Interestingly "You Can Call Me Al" peaked at #23, however, during a 1993 interview with Larry King, Paul Simon stated that it was "his favorite song" out of all he had written - quite a statement considering his body of work!

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