Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"I Only Want To Be With You" by Dusty Springfield.

OK, more British Invasion: This 1963 Hawker/Raymonde composition was Dusty Springfield's first solo single after leaving The Springfields. It peaked at #12 U.S. and #4 UK. The second British Invasion performer to score a U.S. hit after The Beatles, it propelled her career. A '64 Spanish version was Puerto Rican chanteuse Lucecita Benitez's first major hit. Song? For extra credit, title of Lucecita's version?

Yesterday's answer: "Tuxedo Junction". The "Chitlin' Circuit" was a network " of nightclubs and theaters that feature African-American performers and cater especially to African-American audiences. When Jim Crow and segregation were even more prominent in the United States, the Negro race, freed through emancipation, did not have equal access to public “White Only” places. The Chitlin’ Circuit - a connected string of music venues, diners, juke joints, and theaters throughout the eastern and southern United States that catered primarily to African American audiences was created. The ChitlinCircuit was the only option for touring Black entertainers..."

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