Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"It Doesn't Matter Anymore".

OK, back to the 50's: A 17 year-old Paul Anka wrote this 1958 pop classic for his touring mate Buddy Holly at his request. Backed by Dick Jacobs' Orchestra, it was one of Holly's 1st recordings with strings - Jacobs wrote the orchestral arrangement 3 hours before the recording session! Anka donated his composer royalties to Buddy's family after his untimely death. It topped the charts in the UK, becoming the first posthumous #1 hit in UK history. It was Holly's last U.S. Top 20 hit, peaking posthumously at #13. Linda Ronstadt charted with it in '74 and it was also masterfully covered by the late great Eva Cassidy.


Comment: Jacobs' pizzicato arrangement for Holly is so different from Anka's original tempo - Ronstadt's and Cassidy's versions are much truer to the original composition. Great tune!

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