Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Don't Get Around Much Anymore"

OK, back to the 40's" Duke Ellington penned and instrumentally recorded this jazz standard in '40 as "Never No Lament". Bob Russell "retrofitted" lyrics in '42/'43 and renamed it. It charted in '43 for The Ink Spots (#2) and for Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra (#7). "A jilted lover prefers to stay home rather than be haunted by memories of happier days spent at dances and nightspots". The opening line is one of those famous often-misheard lyrics. Again, masterfully covered by Willie Nelson on his '78 "Stardust" album.

Yesterday's answer: "Come Softly To Me" by The Fleetwoods. Originally titled "Come Softly", it was considered risque and suggestive (!) so it was renamed "Come Softly To Me" even though that line does not appear in the song. "Mr. Blue" topped the charts in Nov. '59. Their telephone exchanges in Olympia were FLeetwood2 and FLeetwood7.​ch?v=Lc4o_wNoOBk​ch?v=xgNnEkzWwt8

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