Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nicanor Zabaleta

OK, more bio: Born in 1907 in San Sebastian, Spain, this virtuoso became the preeminent harpist of the 20th century along with Carlos Salzedo from France. His father, also a musician, bought him a used harp at age 7. He helped popularize the harp and secured its respect as a solo instrument with his tireless touring and recording, selling more than 4 million records. While touring in Puerto Rico in '50 he met Graziela whom he married in '52. He was once quoted as saying, "...but you see, the harp is not so difficult"(!). He died in '93 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Yesterday's answer: "What You're Doing" by The Beatles. Young Jim McGuinn and David Crosby were so impressed after watching "A Hard Day's Night" that they immediately went out and bought a 12-string Rickenbacker and a Gretsch Country Gentleman respectively and the rest is jingle-jangle folk-rock history!

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