Tuesday, October 19, 2010


OK, Will, you HAVE to get this one (another suggestion from my sister Laurin): This classic '59 Jobim/Mendonca bossa nova translates loosely "out of tune" or "off-key". Originally recorded by Joao Gilberto in '59. English lyrics by Hendricks/Cavanaugh. Some critics called bossa nova "music for off-key singers" because of the dissonant chords, harmonies and voicings - it is rumored that Jobim wrote this specifically to make fun of them. The '62 Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd version peaked at #4 on Easy Listening and at #15 on Pop. It won the '63 Grammy for Best Jazz Performance Solo or Small Group. Jobim and Gilberto played it for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy at The White House in '62.



Yesterday's answer: "Sea Of Love" by Phil Phillips and The Twilights. Baptiste recorded as Phil Phillips and "The Twilights" was an ensemble of session musicians out of Khoury's studio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDVp3iT0M2Y

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