Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Sea Of Love" by Phil Phillips and The Twilights.

OK, more one-hit wonders: John Phillip Baptiste co-wrote this '59 classic with George Khoury while working as a bellboy in Louisiana trying to tell his then-girlfriend how much he loved her. #1 R&B, #2 Billboard Hot 100. He received only $6,800 in royalties for the song! A hit for The Honeydrippers in '84 and for Del Shannon in '81 (#33). Tom Waits' version is part of the soundtrack of the Al Pacino/Ellen Barkin '89 movie of the same name. Featured in the "Juno" soundtrack in '07. Artist? Song?


Yesterday's answer: "I'm Your Puppet" by James and Bobby Purify. Curiously, there was no "Bobby Purify". Robert Lee Dickey joined his cousin James Purify and adopted the surname. When Robert became ill, Ben Moore, an established R&B singer, "became" the 2nd "Bobby". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4C47crSet8

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