Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The Last Time"

OK, more 60's: This '65 Jagger/Richards collaboration was The Rolling Stones' 3rd UK #1 single and their 1st original composition to reach #1 (2 wks.). "A stern warning to a girl". "Play With Fire" was the B-side. The distinctive opening riff, pervasive throughout the song, was played by Brian Jones on his trademark British-made white Vox Mark III (teardrop) with Keith Richards playing chords and the solo. Based upon a '55 The Staples Singers gospel tune. Recorded in 1 day with Phil Spector co-producing and thus the classic "Wall Of Sound". A staple of the Stones' concert repertoire until '67 - they "revived" it in '97 for their "Bridges Of Babylon" tour. Covered by The Who in '67 to raise bail money for Jagger and Richards, in jail on drug charges (imagine that - gotta love those bad boys!).

Yesterday's answer: "Since I Fell For You". Dang, he was SMOOTH!

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