Sunday, November 28, 2010

"A Thousand Miles Away" by The Heartbeats.

OK, back to the 50's: This doo-wop group started out as The Hearts but changed its name in '55. Their biggest hit (#53 Billboard, #5 R&B) was co-written in '56 by James Sheppard and Wm. H. Miller when Sheppard's girlfriend moved to Texas. Recorded in '56 and released in '57. Part of the "American Graffiti" soundtrack ('73). Sheppard left the group shortly after and formed his own ensemble, Shep and The Limelites - in '61 they released an "answer" song that peaked at #2. Group? Song? "Answer" song?

Yesterday's answer: "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" by Bobby Vee. Bobby still looks and sounds great! Talking about the Brill Building, on the 1st floor, right on Times Square, is Colony Records. You die and go to heaven!!! EVERY recording and sheet music ever published is there - I could spend... days just browsing!

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