Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Undercover Angel" by Alan O'Day.

OK, more one-hit wonders: This L.A. native was a composer for Warner Brothers when they created Pacific Records, a label for their songwriters who also performed. He was the 1st artist signed and his only hit was their 1st release. Launched in early '77 as a single, it topped the charts 4 months later, was the #4 song of '77, sold over 2 million copies and was Certified Gold. Described as a "nocturnal novelette". Dolly Parton sang background vocals. He also wrote "Angie Baby" for Helen Reddy and "Rock And Roll Heaven" for The Righteous Brothers. Artist? Song?

Yesterday's answer: "Never Gonna Let You Go". Beautiful tune - WAY up there in the all-time makeout song hit parade.


  1. Hey Poldo, Thanks for including my hit as an artist, & other successes. Two corrections if I may: I co-wrote "Rock'n'Roll Heaven with the late Johnny Stevenson, & it wasn't Dolly doing the bg vocals, it was the multi-talented (and recently deceased) Carol Parks.

  2. Thanks, Alan. I am honored by your response. Thanks for reading my blog. All the best! Poldo.