Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Someone To Watch Over Me"

OK, back to the 20's: This '26 George and Ira Gershwin jazz ballad was first sung to a doll on stage by Gertrude Lawrence in the musical "Oh, Kay!". "...looking for an elusive actual love that may be lost." The list of covers reads like a who's who in modern music. An '87 Ridley Scott movie was named after it. Part of the '96 "Mr. Holland's Opus" soundtrack. Outstanding version by Willie Nelson in '78. Lady Gaga sang it on the Today Show last month.

Yesterday's answer: "It Doesn't Matter Anymore". This song and "True Love Ways" were two of the first "rock era" tunes to use string orchestra - Buddy was WAY ahead of his time. Paul Anka is still going strong Eva left us too early - her version is heavenly! Linda, of course, can sing the phone book and make it sound great!

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