Friday, August 13, 2010

"On Broadway"

OK, more 60's: This Mann/Weil classic was written in collaboration with Leiber & Stoller and refers to their address - "The Brill Building Sound". First recorded by The Cookies but first released by The Crystals. The Drifters took it to #9 in '63. Lead vocals by Rudy Lewis and lead guitar by a young Phil Spector. George Benson's '78 cover went to #7 and won him a Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance.

Yesterday's answer: "Baby, Let's Wait" by The Young Rascals. Classic from Dan Rogers: "The song is ... (Danelli drum roll) "Baby Let's Wait." Lots and lots of teen angst!! And hormones being suppressed. I liked the recording by the Young Rascals, but the one by the Royal Guardsmen was on my disk of all-time crummy recordings (such as "The Bristol Stomp). I liked the Young Rascals. I wonder if the Royal Guardsmen were named after the inexpensive men's deodorant that was out at about the same time? That would really make sense! My response: "BINGO - you da man! This is my all-time Rascals favorite tune. Back in P.R. Los Challengers used to do a very respectable cover - Top 10 Makeout Song hit parade at high school dances by the ocean at the Casino De Puerto Rico. LOL, that's up there with Brut and Hai-Karate. "

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