Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Because The Night"

OK, more 70's: Bruce Springsteen penned this rock classic in '76 and gave it to Patti Smith because he thought "it would suit her voice". She added lyrics and in '78 it became The Patti Smith Group ONLY hit (#13). She bought her father a Chrysler Cordoba (remember Corinthian leather?) with the royalties. 10,000 Maniacs' '93 MTV Unplugged version peaked at #11 and was their 1st Top 40 hit.

Yesterday's answer: "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)". The two shared the stage at NYC's Madison Square Garden in '74 not knowing that it would be Lennon's last public performance, therefore the title. Lauren and I stood upon the exact spot where John was shot in front of The Dakota some years ago then crossed the street to visit the "Imagine" garden in Central Park. Such a senseless tragedy! From Jeff Bluml: "Still remember the exact spot I was standing and the shock when it happened. Still breaks my heart." I was rotating through the VA Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware when I heard the sad news.

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