Friday, August 20, 2010


OK, a little geeetar: This SMOKIN' '76 Eddie VanHalen solo started out as a warm-up exercise to "You Really Got Me", his band's 1st single. Played on a Frankenstrat through a '59 Marshall Super Lead tube amp with added phaser, Echoplex and studio reverb. First known use of 2-handed tapping. Based on Cactus' "Let Me Swim", with added classical references by Kreutzer and Dowland. Guitar World's #2 all-time best guitar solo after "Stairway To Heaven".

Yesterday's answer: (From Dan Rogers) "Someone to Watch Over Me." And that made me remember Lennon's "Imagine:" both songs were in "Mr. Holland's Opus." Never get to see that movie on tv. Or "Gigot." Or ... From me: Great movie with Richard Dreyfuss! Boy, I forgot all about "Gigot" ("Leg Of Mutton") with Jackie Gleason. I remember my grandfather took me to see it in '62 at the Lorraine Theater in Santurce, P.R. and you're right, I don't think I've watched it ever since - I should get it!

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