Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Catch A Wave" / "Sidewalk Surfin'"

OK, more 60's: When B. Wilson/M. Love wrote this surf classic in '63 they intended for Dennis to sing lead. Mike, however, laid down the lead track instead while having a cold. Maureen Love, Mike's sister, played the harp. One of the few examples of a six-man Beach Boys lineup with Carl and 15 year-old David Marks playing guitars, Brian on piano and Al Jardine on bass. Jan and Dean reworked the lyrics next year for what was to become a skateboarding anthem, peaking at #25. Beach Boys' song? Jan and Dean's song?

Yesterday's answer: "Under The Boardwalk". We got a little sidetracked by Idol. BTW, Judy and Gina will be in the audience for tonight's finale! The first verse alludes to "Up On The Roof". Love the guiro in the background.

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