Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Under The Boardwalk"

OK, more 60's: The night before The Drifters were set to record this '64 Young/Resnick pop classic their lead singer, Rudy Lewis, was found dead from a possible heroin overdose. They promptly brought in their original frontman, Johnny Moore, to record the lead vocals. This was Moore's first single after returning to their lineup. A romantic summer encounter on the beach (Coney Island vs. Atlantic City - we'll probably never know). The opening line alludes to their previous Goffin/King hit. The mono and stereo versions are quite different from each other. Peaked at #4 pop, topped the R&B charts and is ranked #487 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. Covered by The Rolling Stones and by Bruce Willis.

Yesterday's answer: "Holiday Road". Who can forget the swimming pool scene with Chevy Chase and Christie Brinkley?!

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