Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"(My) Melancholy Baby"

OK, let's go way back (99 years!): This 1912 Burnett/Norton classic was first performed and popularized by William Frawley (as in Fred Mertz in "I Love Lucy") during his early Vaudeville days. He didn't reveal this until 1965 during an appearance in "I've Got A Secret". In the original "A Star Is Born" a drunk famously asks for this song from Judy Garland and ever since then it has become a jocular cliched request for performers, notoriously on "Hogan Heroes" and "The Monkees".

Yesterday's answer: "Party Lights" by Claudine Clark. From Dr. Dan Rogers: "But she didn't have any pro wrestlers working with her. The reason, I think, that she disappeared by that name was her subsequent attempt at a hit, "Walkin' Through a Cemetery." I have that song in my list of really, really bad recordings, along with "The Bristol Stomp." She had another song that I liked, called "The Telephone Game."

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