Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Four Strong Winds"

OK, more 60's: Canadian folkie Ian Tyson penned this classic in '61 inspired by "the seasonal movement of workers around the country from one harvest to the next and its effects upon love affairs". A sad musing on a failing romance, hoping for a reunion but coming to terms with the fact that it's over. Published and first recorded by The Brothers Four in '63 and by Ian and Sylvia later on that same year. Named by CBC Radio One "The Greatest Canadian Song Of All Time". A folk and country standard, it has been covered over 50 times, charting by Bobby Bare in '64 and by Neil Young in '79.

Yesterday's answer: "My Grandfather's Clock" by Henry Clay Work. Most authorities believe that the "grandfather clock" got its name from this song. "Until that time, clocks such as the one in the old George Hotel were referred to by a variety of names, but not before Henry Work wrote his song, over a hundred years ago, were they referred to as grandfather clocks."

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