Monday, September 20, 2010

In My Room

OK, more 60's: This angelic B. Wilson/G. Usher '63 composition was written in 1 hr. and, according to Audree Wilson (Mom!), "That's the most beautiful song you've ever written". Peaked at #6 for the Beach Boys and stayed on the charts for 11 weeks. #209 on Rolling Stone's "Greatest Songs Ever". Shades of Brian's early agoraphobia which severely worsened in subsequent years. Described as "an ode to cocooning or an antisocial, dysfunctional view of the world". When a young David Crosby first heard it he recalls saying, "I give up - I can't do that - I'll never be able to do that!". He sang it in '01 with Jimmy Webb and Carly Simon during a Brian Wilson tribute.

Yesterday's answer: "Crossroads (Blues)". CLAPTON IS GOD!!! Robert Johnson was the 1st member of the "27 Club" - musicians that have died at age 27. Others include Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Pigpen (Grateful Dead), Brian Jones, Gram Parsons and Al Wilson (Canned Heat). Spooky!

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