Saturday, September 25, 2010

On The Road Again - Canned Heat

OK, more 60's: Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson penned this '68 release inspired by a Chicago bluesman Floyd Jones' '53 tune of the same name. In turn, based on Tommy Johnson's '28 "Big Road Blues". #16 US, #8 UK. Wilson added an Indian tambura drone for a psychedelic hypnotic effect. He re-tuned his harmonica 1/2 step up on the 6th hole for the song. Covered by Pete Townshend. Part of the "Bucket List" soundtrack ('07). Group? Song?

Yesterday's answer: "Bop" by Dan Seals. Dang, what a smooth voice! One of his #1 hits was Cheryl Wheeler's "Addicted" - a masterpiece! Another one was "Everything That Glitters isn't Gold" - the PERFECT Country song - has all the elements: cowboys (and cowgirls!), pickup trucks, divorce, horses

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