Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Back On The Chain Gang"

OK, back to the 80's: This '82 composition was originally about Ray Davies, with whom Chrissie Hynde had a daughter but was re-dedicated to James Honeyman-Scott, The Pretenders' guitarist who died that year at 26 from a drug overdose. The single was released 2 yrs. before the album. The Pretenders' only US Top 5 hit, peaking at #5. The chant evokes a similar one in a Sam Cooke classic. Selena's '94 Spanish cover spent 7 wks. at #1 on the Latin charts.

Yesterday's answer: "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams. From Dan Rogers: I don't know if that was any better than "Frog Sucker," though, but it didn't get the Smothers Brothers Show in as much trouble. Do you like the original recording more than the more recent one recorded with Mannheim Steamroller? From me: BINGO! LOL! The working title was "Classical Gasoline" but the music publicist pared it down. One of those guitar "rites of passage" from the sixties - you HAD to be able to play "Classical Gas" if you were worth anything. Being a purist (not that anybody has ever accused me of being a pain in the behind or anything!) I much prefer the original version. BTW, is the "Frog Sucker" related to the "chupacabra" (goat sucker)?

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