Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

OK, a little more Christmas cheer: According to ASCAP, this Hugh Martin/Ralph Blane composition is the 3rd most-played Christmas song. Introduced by Judy Garland in the '44 musical film "Meet Me In St. Louis", where she sang it to her sad 5 year-old sister. It became extremely popular among G.I.'s serving overseas during WWII, often bringing them to tears. In '57 Frank Sinatra asked Martin to "jolly up" the lyrics, as he found them too depressing - his version is the most popular one today. It was further re-written to remove any religious references.

Yesterday's answer: "Little Saint Nick" by The Beach Boys. The B-side was "The Lord's Prayer", a Beach Boys "rarity". Sometimes referred to as "Run Run Reindeer". Even though I'm a Diet Dew guy (not proud to admit it), I loved the Coke commercial.

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