Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Our House" by Madness.

OK, more one-hit wonders: This British ska/pop group's biggest US hit was an '82 Foreman/Smyth composition that peaked at #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 and at #5 UK in '83. Most of its success came from the witty video during the early days of MTV (when they actually played music!). It won Best Song at the '83 Ivor Novello Awards. Even though widely considered a "one-hit wonder", they did have another US Top 40 hit ("It Must Be Love"). Part of the just-released "Love and Other Drugs" soundtrack. Group? Song?

Yesterday's answer: "Thirsty Boots" by Eric Andersen. I first saw him at a coffee house shortly after arriving in Philly in '73 - wonderful singer/songwriter - I also love his "Close The Door Lightly When You Go".
Yesterday's answer: "Thirsty Boots" by Eric Andersen.

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