Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Lemon Tree"

OK, more 60's folk: This 60's Will Holt folk classic was inspired by Brazilian composer Jose Carlos Burle's 1937 samba-setanejo "Meu limao, meo limoeiro". "Meu limao" was popularized in Brazil by Wilson Simonal. Covered by Peter, Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio, The Seekers and Trini Lopez, among many others.

Yesterday's answer: Bobby Darin's "Simple Song Of Freedom". THE COOLEST CAT ever to walk the face of the Earth in my book! It became an anthem during the Vietnam era. Covered by Tim Harding just as Bobby covered Tim's "If I Were a Carpenter". Young Jim (Roger) McGuinn was part of Darin's backup band before The Byrds and he always considered Bobby his mentor. As a child he was called Bobby - legend goes that he got his surname from a neon sign at a Chinese restaurant that read "Darin Duck" instead of "Mandarin Duck". Check out Kevin Spacey's "Beyond The Sea" - spot on!

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