Monday, December 6, 2010

"Jamaica Farewell" by Harry Belafonte.

OK, more 50's: This lovely calypso was written by Lord Burgess and first released on the '56 album "Calypso". It speaks of the beauty of the islands and of love left behind. Peaked at #14 on Billboard. The album was the 1st LP to sell one million copies, is #4 on Billboard's Top 100 Albums, spent 31 weeks at #1, 58 weeks on Top 10 and 99 weeks on the charts! Covered by Jimmy Buffett, Sam Cooke, Carly Simon and Sting. Artist? Song?

Yesterday's answer: "Our House" by Madness. What's happened to MTV? Last I heard, MTV stood for "Music Television" - do they even play music anymore? From Jeff Bluml: "No they don't so I feel they should change the name to Stupid Unrealistic Teenage Angst Soap Opera TV."

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