Friday, December 3, 2010

"Thirsty Boots" by Eric Andersen.

OK, back to the 60's: Eric Andersen sang the first part of this Civil Rights Era folk classic to Phil Ochs while at the 14 St. Subway Station in NYC on their way to The Village. "...written to a civil rights worker-friend. Having never gone down to Mississippi myself, I wrote the song about coming back." Ochs liked it and encouraged him to finish it. He wrote the last verse on a matchbook cover while in Judy Collins' bathroom (!). Phil brought Eric onstage at the '66 Philadelphia Folk Festival, where he performed it for the 1st time - he recorded it shortly thereafter. Covered by Judy Collins, The Kingston Trio and John Denver.

Yesterday's answer: "Baby I Love You" by the Ronettes. Check out the beehives on the video! Ronnie was the original "bad girl" of rock & roll, having had liaisons with Keith Richards, John Lennon and, of course, crazy ol' Phil.

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