Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Duncan" by Paul Simon.

OK, back to the 70's: After splitting with Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon taught songwriting at NYU. Among his students were Maggie and Terre Roche and Melissa Manchester. It took him 2 1/2 years to release his first solo album "Paul Simon" in 1972. The 2nd cut is a poignant minor-chord coming of age ballad about a fisherman's son. Between the verses we hear flute, charango and percussion interludes by Los Incas, an Andean group also featured in "El Condor Pasa". It peaked at #52 on the Pop charts in '72.

Yesterday's answer: "The Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson). I LOVE that tune - still chokes me up every time I hear it. Interestingly, even though Kermit is a "one-hit wonder", Jim Henson isn't, as he had another hit as Ernie in '70 with "Rubber Duckie" (#16 on Billboard).

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