Thursday, January 13, 2011

"How Can I Be Sure?" by The Young Rascals.

OK, more 60's: This moving Cavaliere/Brigati romantic ballad was written and recorded by their group in '67 - their 4th US hit, peaking at #4. Their highest-charting single with Eddie Brigati on lead vocals. Doubts of one-sided love. The beautiful accordion accompaniment gives it a French cabaret feel. French chanteuse Nicoletta's version sold 2 million copies worldwide. David Cassidy topped the charts with it in the UK and took it to #25 in the US in '72. Song? Group?

Yesterday's answer: "Trumpet Voluntary" by Henry Purcell (not really!).

Yo, I should ask Henry for a refund! STILL a majestic piece even though he didn't write it.

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