Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Yellow River" by Christie.

OK, more 70's one-hit wonders: This eponymous British band's only hit came in '70 with a catchy tune penned by its leader and lead singer. It was originally recorded by The Tremeloes but they decided not to release it so the producer took the vocals off the master and added this band's voices. A young soldier has finished his tour of duty in Vietnam and is looking forward to returning home. #1 in the UK and 25 other countries; #23 on Billboard's Hot 100. CBS Records' biggest-selling song in '70. Covered by REM and Sir Elton John. Band? Hit?

Yesterday's answer: "Duncan" by Paul Simon. A testament to the songwriting genius that is Paul Simon. Can you imagine taking a class from him?! After "American Tune" this has to be my fave Simon solo tune.

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