Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"I'll Follow The Sun" by The Beatles.

OK, more Fabness: A 16 year-old Macca wrote this downhearted ballad in '59 while looking out his window at 20 Frothlin Road in Liverpool recovering from the flu. First recorded in '60 by Paul, John, George and Stu Sutcliffe as The Quarrymen in Paul's bathroom for optimal sound. Unrequited love - a man, unappreciated by a woman, gives her an ultimatum. Recorded and released by The Beatles in '64, it is THE oldest song composed by a Beatle to be recorded during the band's lifetime. Ringo's "percussion" part is him slapping his knees.

Yesterday's answer: "409" by The Beach Boys. Still long for those innocent old days when guys sang about girls, surfing and fast cars - does that make me a dinosaur? Giddy up, giddy up=HORSEPOWER! Brian Wilson and Gary Usher were songwriting geeks - Dennis actually filled them in on the actual cars/girls/surfin' "details".

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