Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Go Now!" by The Moody Blues.

OK, more 60's: The 2nd single and 1st hit for this Birmingham, UK beat band was a cover of a '62 Banks/Bennett composition first recorded by Bessie Banks. Her R&B version was produced by Lieber and Stoller, peaking at #40 on Cashbox R&B. Lead singer and guitarist Denny Laine picked this song for the band as he believed that it would suit pianist Mike Pinder's playing style. Heart-wrenching lyrics about a recent breakup. Laine continued performing the song as a member of Wings after leaving the band. Recorded in '64 and released in '65, it topped the charts in the UK and reached #10 in the US. Band? Song?

Yesterday's answer: "I Know There's Something Going On" by Anni-Frid ("Frida") Lyngstad.
"The Voice Of ABBA". Loved that song the first time I heard it.

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