Monday, January 24, 2011

"I Know There's Something Going On" by Frida (Anni-Frid Lyngstad).

OK, more 80's one-hit wonders: This Russ Ballard composition was the 1st and only hit for a Swedish songbird after the breakup of one of the best-selling groups in pop history. Produced by Phil Collins, he's also featured on drums and backup vocals. A woman convinced that her man is cheating on her. Recorded in '82, it was a huge worldwide hit topping the charts in many countries and peaking at #13 in the U.S. It sold 3.5 million copies. Wanting to distance herself from her former group's "typical pop sound", this was THE best-selling solo release of any of its members. Artist? Song?

Yesterday's answer: "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)" by Melanie Safka. When the rain finally abated the audience lit "a sea of candles", inspiring her to pen this classic. I never get tired of listening to the way she belts it out.

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